22 min ago, last purchase 120 mln food + 20 mln iron

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For delivery you have to use advanced teleport to the coordinates I give you after we confirmed amount and cost of the shipment. For the shipment time you untag so no one in your alliance couldn’t see the battle reports.

The delivery time depends only on the amount of your march slots and your army. The higher they are – the faster you get your goods. Food and wood are easy to carry, iron and silver are much heavier. For example, shipment of 100 food, 100 wood, 10 iron and 5 silver takes about one hour, shipment 400/400/50/10 takes about 5 hours. Please plan the shipment to be in one time – it’s better not to split.

Please use the resources ASAP so no one could attack and rob you.

For more information feel free to contact WhatsApp +79279307550.